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Welcome to Princess By Mundo Imperial

Overlooking the shores of Revolcadero beach, Princess by Mundo Imperial is a family-friendly resort where the fun truly never sets. Every second of every stay, this oceanfront resort offers adventure and delight on one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in Acapulco. We ensure that every guest enjoys the experience of a lifetime, whether you’ve come to do it all or wish for nothing more than to simply relax in the sun. The resort’s centerpiece is a magnificent, 15-story Aztec-style pyramid framed by the modern Princesa and Perla Towers and surrounded by 480 hectares of lush gardens and swaying palm trees.

Plan the perfect Acapulco getaway at Princess by Mundo Imperial.

Mundo Imperial

Costera de las Palmas S/N,Fracc
Granjas del Marquez, 
39890 Acapulco, Gro, Mexico.

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